We’re Not Keeping This To Ourselves!*

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entire class paintingFor the month of May, Welcome Home residents, volunteers and staff joined Pamela Rojas to create a vibrant outdoor mural at Welcome Home.

Two volunteers shared their painting stories with us:  The Hartwick/Dorsch family from Glencairn Church and Eileen from Elevation.

Hartwick Dorsch familyMarilyn Hartwick: We came as an extended family and it was a blessing to see my son encouraging his sons to be involved.   We were all at different skill levels but were given tasks accordingly.   Our 4 year-old grandson put a few brush strokes on the wall, then was given a piece of cardboard to go crazy on.   We were told the story behind it and walked through the image as it told the story of refugees coming and beginning a new life in Canada with Welcome Home.

Pamela’s willingness to invite others in and take part impressed me.   She did not let her standards down but worked with every person, every age, every skill level, balancing grace while keeping the quality of the project.
We now have a personal connection to the mural and therefore, to Welcome Home.  We will feel it every time we are downtown.   Our grandsons will be reminded of their small part as they grow up and walk by the mural.   Hopefully we will have more connections with the people at Welcome Home and the relationships will grow.

EileenEileen: To be honest, I came to help paint the mural to start getting back out in the community after being home for a time of recovery from PTSD.

My first day there, I saw the story on the wall coming to life. Having been involved with refugees in the past, I walked the story in my heart. I loved every stroke I painted, the work became part of my healing. I loved offering a paint brush to people of all nations and how they became a part of the mural. Pamela’s smile and patience with everyone that put a brush in their hands spoke of her heart of a true artist.

To be trusted with such a huge story of the lives of those who never choose to be refugees changed my heart. Painting the mural has helped me see where I want to be involved in the future as a volunteer. Helping others become more aware of what it means to start over again made every hour I spent painting worthwhile.

To learn more about the Mural and the Mural Launch Party, click here.

* TITLE taken from Psalm 78:1-4