Where Are They Now? Kimberly’s Story

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Kimberly Hui and Ian (2)Though Kimberly is only home from teaching English in Mongolia for a short while, she makes time to visit the people she lived with during her year and a half as supervisor at Welcome Home. “They are like family,” she explains.
One of the people she lived with was Lee. Lee arrived from Mynamar, 6 months pregnant and alone. When her baby boy was born, he was welcomed into the family at Welcome Home. “The baby was like our community baby,” Kimberly says.

Kimberly loved living with people from all over the world at Welcome Home. Her favourite food? “Ethiopian,” she says without hesitation. “There was this one refugee who cooked amazing food. I ate her food all the time – maybe too much!”
What was it like living at Welcome Home back in 2008? Kimberly recalls the normal supervisor woes: people locking themselves out of their rooms in the middle of the night, an exploding egg that resulted in a smoke-filled hall and firemen, and phone wars. “People used to pace the halls, waiting for their turn to call family,” says Kimberly. “They would fight about it.

Technology has changed since she lived here – Welcome Home has added a desk with computers to the lounge, where residents talk to family members across the world with Skype. There are hardly ever line-ups for the phone. There are other changes too: Sharon Schmidt took over from Gord Skopnik as director, supervisors are now paid interns, and of course there are new people living here.

But one thing at Welcome Home hasn’t changed: sharing Jesus’ love in practical ways with newly arrived refugees. Does it make a long-term difference in people’s lives?
“It’s hard to see because it’s so individual,” ponders Kimberly. “But take Lee, would she have been able to survive in Canada without Welcome Home? Coming here 6 months pregnant, without a word of English? Yet today, she is able to live with her son independently, and she is doing great. She is still friends with people she lived with here. It’s given her a solid footing.”