Without You I Couldn’t Make It.

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How do you make decisions when you’re young, pregnant and alone in a brand new country?

Saroya March 19 1Hani*, a 22 yr old Somalian refugee came to Welcome Home last summer and gave birth to a baby girl just before Christmas.  Her mother, still living in Uganda, suggested a baby’s name that sounds rude to Canadians. Daddy, currently living in the xenophobic chaos of South Africa, gave the baby a name that had negative associations for Hani.
She hasn’t told either of them, yet, that she found the courage to name her baby Saroya, meaning “precious”.  So, on her regular overseas phone calls, when daddy asks, “How’s Genet?” Hani says, “Good!”

Last month this new mom celebrated a one year anniversary of arriving in Canada.  She and Saroya are comfortably settled in a one bedroom apartment, surrounded by a supportive circle of friends, former housemates, staff and volunteers.  Saroya was splendidly outfitted with a baby shower hosted by The Meeting House Waterloo and she’s a star at the bi-weekly potlucks with the Connections group from The Journey Church.  Our hope and prayer is that someday Hani will be reunited with her family, even though there might be some confusion as to the name of her daughter when they first arrive.
Hani’s beautiful one year anniversary message of gratitude:

I just want to thank everybody who inspired me in my life and I thank God for bringing me to such good friends. Without you guys I couldn’t make it one year in Canada. Thank you for your help.  Thank you, Sharon, for accepting me in Welcome Home. Without you I couldn’t know all those people I know today.

*Hani is not her real name.