Being a Refugee

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Being a Refugee

“If we are only looking for our own comfort and security without any sacrifice, nothing extraordinary will happen in our lives or in our environment; and we run the risk of wasting the opportunity to serve and help others, falling into the tedium of life without meaning.”

Elizabeth WRD Walk
Like many of the people present, we arrived at Waterloo with one backpack full of clothes and the other one full of illusions and dreams that had been stolen.  To start again, learning another language, another culture.  We walked the streets searching for something that we could identify with.

  • Being a refugee is having to flee, leaving behind what we know, what identifies us as persons and citizens of a particular country.
  • Being a refugee is having left with pain everything we had built with both hard work and dedication, a profession, a job, a business, dreams, what we loved.
  • Being a refugee is to recall the aroma of the known and the family that already does not know what we know.  It is to leave the friends we grew up with and that we will no longer know their children.
  • Being a refugee is to abandon the illusion of continuing with a plan.
  • Being a refugee is to live with a knot in the throat that explodes in tears when memories trap us, the memories of unforgettable moments.
  • It is to feel a pain in the bowels so deep when we recall our birth land.
  • It is to live with the fear of not finding a place to live, to build and grow a family, where we can develop our dreams.
  • When are you a refugee, you are pursued by the moments in which you have to pack the first thing you could get, and escape with a suitcase to a place where everything is surreal, where we want escape from often, where everything is different to what we are accustomed.

However, there is hope because being a refugee and an immigrant is also the opportunity to get to know another world, other perspectives, and other cultures.

It is the chance of a fresh start knowing that problems are opportunities to become better, to acknowledge errors and change.

It is the perfect condition to reinvent ourselves.

Canada is a country that has achieved a space for the brave who want to test their potential and make use of their talents.  I want to thank God for Jennifer Ardon because without her help we would not be here.  Thank you to my church, Glencairn MB, because without your support, all my family has achieved would not be possible.
Thank you very much.    -Elizabeth

Photo Credit:  Pamela Rojas