Before My Head Was Very Sad

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TahireShe came to Welcome Home, a middle aged Ethiopian woman, exhausted, scared, and alone trying to find safety from an abusive husband. Communication was difficult with lack of English, and trust needed time to be built as she quietly went about her day to day activities, uncertain of this new environment and the strange new people she found herself living with.

It’s now been a year since we were first introduced and the positive changes in this woman’s life are incredible. After a few months at a women’s shelter, she lives in her own apartment and loves to show people around while happily preparing injera, an Ethiopian dish, for her visitors. She enjoys keeping busy. Computer classes, English classes and afternoons at the gym fill up her days.

11012784_1631360017150482_2302295487730309736_nAfter months of hard work her English is improving and she is feeling at home in the city. She is taking time to give back to the community and has recently started volunteering at an organization in downtown Kitchener. Her husband is no longer in the picture and she continues the long process of trying to bring her six children to Canada to be reunited. She has grown a lot since coming to Canada.

Independence, resilience and strength radiant from her.

“I love Welcome Home. Before my head was very sad and now I have family and I am happy. Welcome Home was full of beautiful people. I come home from classes and someone gave me a hug. They come with me to doctor and to lawyer. I am very, very happy with Welcome Home, my family.”

She continues to show thankfulness for the community and friends she has met through Welcome Home.

It was a privilege for Welcome Home to be able to provide shelter and support for her at a critical time when she needed it. As we look forward to the future reopening of Welcome Home, we are excited for women and men that we will get to meet and walk alongside in the future.