“Home” is Not Just a Name.

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Milly is a vibrant, determined young woman who volunteers at a local community health centre.  She’s waiting for her work permit to arrive and mulling over which area of health care she’d like to study. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Milly’s a pretty good basketball player and loves Snapchat.  However, her almost 20 years of life haven’t been easy. Thankfully, her refugee claim was recently accepted, so she can now begin to dream about and prepare for a future in Canada.

We recently sat down to chat about the 4 months Milly’s lived with us and here are her perceptive reflections.

What do you like about Welcome Home?
“Home is not just part of the name of this place. It actually is a home here. When people first arrive they are quiet, after a week they are the loudest here. It is amazing to see people feel comfortable. Until you hear our stories, you wouldn’t know we were refugees. “
On Volunteer Engagement:
“I like how they connect us to the community people who come here from church. They try to see if they can help us. Because they [the volunteers] know we are refugees, we don’t have to explain our identities.”
On Building Community:
“They try to bring us together as much possible. We meet so many times per week- just look at our activity board. They bring us together. “