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This World Refugee Day, would you do ONE THING that would have a critical difference, even a life-saving difference for refugee claimants arriving in Canada?  


Ontario’s Legal Aid is cutting the funds to help a refugee claimant pay a lawyer.  That means that within days of arriving, a refugee will have to file their claim with the government which determines if they stay or get deported, if their lives are protected or not.

Surely the legal process should at least be done properly with lawyers helping a refugee make the best possible case for their claim.  Then  the decision will at least be based on the clearest possible accounting of the reasons why they fled for their lives.


  • Contact your MP and MPP to say no to cuts to Legal Aid for refugee claimants! Advocate for funds to be allocated to Legal Aid so that they can prioritize this critical service.


This is the letter Ray of Hope and the entire Coalition is presenting to the Refugee Lawyers Association (RLA) and key Federal and Provincial leaders today.  The RLA has a meeting with Minister Hussein on Saturday June 17 where this will be discussed.

1 Open Letter from Coalition - Legal Aid Cuts

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2 Open Letter from Coalition - Legal Aid Cuts

Page 2 of Open Letter

3 Open Letter from Coalition - Legal Aid Cuts

Page 3 of Open Letter