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Ten Years, Ten Things I’ve Learned

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  It’s been ten years since I, Sharon Schmidt, was sent by Glencairn Church to serve refugees at Welcome Home Refugee House, right here in Kitchener-Waterloo. Who knew that this is where I’d be a decade later, loving this opportunity to serve God more than ever!     As you can imagine, I’ve learned a few things along the way, and with your permission, here are ten of them:  Humility- I am NOT God’s gift to refugees.  I’m a bit embarrassed to remember how arrogant and full of self I was in 2007.  Humility and respect will get me a lot further in launching trusting...

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It’s Time to Lead. Again. Always.

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This World Refugee Day, would you do ONE THING that would have a critical difference, even a life-saving difference for refugee claimants arriving in Canada?     Ontario’s Legal Aid is cutting the funds to help a refugee claimant pay a lawyer.  That means that within days of arriving, a refugee will have to file their claim with the government which determines if they stay or get deported, if their lives are protected or not. Surely the legal process should at least be done properly with lawyers helping a refugee make the best possible case for their claim.  Then  the decision...

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“Home” is Not Just a Name.

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Milly is a vibrant, determined young woman who volunteers at a local community health centre.  She’s waiting for her work permit to arrive and mulling over which area of health care she’d like to study.  Milly’s a pretty good basketball player and loves Snapchat.  However, her almost 20 years of life haven’t been easy. Thankfully, her refugee claim was recently accepted, so she can now begin to dream about and prepare for a future in Canada. We recently sat down to chat about the 4 months Milly’s lived with us and here are her perceptive reflections. What do you like about...

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Before My Head Was Very Sad

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She came to Welcome Home, a middle aged Ethiopian woman, exhausted, scared, and alone trying to find safety from an abusive husband. Communication was difficult with lack of English, and trust needed time to be built as she quietly went about her day to day activities, uncertain of this new environment and the strange new people she found herself living with. It’s now been a year since we were first introduced and the positive changes in this woman’s life are incredible. After a few months at a women’s shelter, she lives in her own apartment and loves to show people around while...

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Never Too Old!

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When Aaron Schmidt was four years old, his family came to Canada as refugees. They struggled with learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture. In October 2011, at the age of 81, Aaron  rode 26 kilometres in the Ride for Refuge in Niagara, and helped raise more than $25,000 for Welcome Home. After a serious biking accident 20 years ago, Aaron knew his wife would only agree to him cycling if he raised funds for Welcome Home. He trained under the watchful eye of his daughter/team captain Joy and experienced pre-ride nerves after a bout of stress-induced shingles. However, as he said...

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